Top 10 Best Landing Page Design Ideas for 2022

A landing page is a separate web page created to turn website visitors into leads. Landing pages are visited by potential customers from a variety of sources, such as Google ads, social media, and other digital marketing channels. Your landing page must provide a seamless user experience if you want to raise your website’s conversion rate. 

So, do you want to develop a new landing page or are you attempting to improve the traffic to your current landing page? You are in the proper spot in any case. Here, you will learn some straightforward but valuable advice for creating a fantastic landing page.


These 12 tips for creating a great landing page in 2022 will assist you in providing a positive user experience.


  • Create a benefit-centered headline. 


At least seven people will bounce off your landing page for every ten who visit it. To keep that figure low, your visitors must know (and understand) what’s in it for them as soon as they arrive. The first thing they’ll read is your headline, which should clearly and concisely communicate the value of your landing page and offer. 


  • Keep your content brief 


When it comes to landing page content, make sure your headline and description are precise and concise. According to one study, the average human attention span is only eight seconds. As a result, refrain from posting paragraph after paragraph. Be brief when explaining your product and how it can benefit potential customers. Use simple, straightforward language.


  • Consider your visuals


As previously stated, you only have eight seconds to capture the attention of visitors. Another fact is that imagery makes a stronger impression than text. So, include eye-catching images on your landing page that complement your product/services, and you will benefit.


  • Search engine optimization 


Sure, you’ll be driving traffic to your landing page via email blasts, social posts, and other marketing methods, but your page should also be optimised with target keywords for your paid campaigns and organic search. When someone searches for your keyword, they should be directed to your landing page. Similarly, when you use paid ads to target a keyword, those words should appear on your landing page.


  • Keep the most important information at the top 


Make good use of the available space on your landing page. Keep the most important information at the top of the page, or at least above the fold, such as the product description and the call-to-action button. Sort your information! The goal here is to capture user attention with content above the fold, but there should still be something beyond the fold to entice visitors to scroll to learn more.


  • Include a strong call to action


The most important aspect of designing a landing page is to include a call-to-action (CTA) button! Include a compelling call to action that will entice visitors to fill out the lead-capture form and submit their personal information. Use words that will inspire visitors to take the desired action when creating a CTA button. Your CTA font should be legible and consistent with the rest of the font on the landing page.


  • Run A/B tests to increase conversion rates


Now that you’ve created a great landing page with all of the necessary elements, run an A/B test on these elements to see if they provide a justifiable Return on Investment (ROI). Examine the performance metrics of each of these elements separately to determine which are performing well and which can be tweaked to achieve the best conversion rate.


  • Choose an image that represents the offer.


Yes, an image is required, and it should represent your intended audience. Your image’s purpose is to convey a feeling — it should depict how your visitor will feel once they receive your offer. Because some images may perform better than others, you should always split test your options.


  • Make your page mobile-friendly


Your landing pages, like every other page on your website, must be responsive to accommodate every viewing experience. The last thing you want is for your form to be hidden on mobile devices. Give your visitors every opportunity to convert, regardless of how they view your page.


  • Make a layout


Whatever your goal, make sure your landing includes the following five elements:
A catchy but pertinent headline. A brief description of the product or service you are providing
Relevant image that is clear and eye-catching (s). A lead-capture form, as well as a clear and visible call-to-action button. For more details contact our Best Website design company in Delhi for landing page template.


  • Make a relevant offer


Consider your landing page to be a step on your lead’s journey to your ultimate offer — your product or service. Your offer is what you provide in exchange for your lead’s contact information. Not only should it entice your visitor to provide their contact information, but it should also be relevant to your business.

  • Limit your options for exit

Limiting exit opportunities on the page is one of the most recommended tips for designing a great landing page in 2022. Remove the navigation bar and any internal or external links to the page. Also, keep distractions to a minimum, such as mentioning related offers or including an external link or ad. Your primary goal is to keep visitors focused solely on the call-to-action, whether it’s adding to cart or signing up for a service.


Related FAQS


What makes a good landing page design? 

A good landing page should have a compelling offer and be able to explain why the offer is valuable in simple terms. The headline and subheadings on your landing page are crucial for promoting the value of your offer.


Rich landing page: what is it? 

Rich landing pages provide you the chance to develop memorable brand experiences. They function as tiny, completely configurable interactive webpages with links that are automatically produced that you may use in your SMS campaigns.


What constitutes a landing page’s essential elements? 

While each landing page may have a distinct goal and differ from another, all successful landing pages must contain a number of essential elements, such as compelling headings, Observing images and media, captivating copy, Testimonials or social proof, conversion objective.

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