Website Fraud Se Bachne Ke 3 Step | 3 Step to protect yourself from Website Fraud | Fake Websites

Website Fraud Se Bachne Ke 3 Step | 3 Step to protect yourself from Website Fraud | Fake Websites

“Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal.” This quote suits our theme today perfectly. To build a unique website, not every organization can have a dedicated design and development team; one of the significant reasons for this is, of course, the budget. Large brands may employ experts to create a single page that will have a larger effect. In order to improve their sales, small businesses should learn from big brands and can build similar looking websites. We steal great ideas shamelessly in this modern age, which can help us achieve our target.

The best templates for websites are templates with unlimited customization options. Because fake websites contain tons of variables, finding an exact match is not that easy. You may instead use a template, which gives you unlimited customization options. Edit what you want and create an awesome website.
3 Major things you need to know while you making your website

1) Domain / Hosting/ SSL
2) W3 Validation
3) Quality web design

Which aspects of my site are reviewed before choosing any website designer?
Website presentation
Templates with limitless customization choices are the best templates for websites. Since fake websites contain lots of variables, it’s not that simple to find an exact match. You can use a template instead, which gives you unlimited options for customization. Edit what you want and create a beautiful website.
Be present online
• Optimization for mobile devices
• Favicon usage
• Touch icon usage
• Page title presence
• Domain length

Search engine visibility
As the use of search engines has gradually increased in recent years, it is important that your website is noticeable on search engine results pages, a surefire way to increase your website traffic considerably. Check your page’s SEO efficiency and receive handy tips and suggestions on how to boost the visibility of your blog.
Get found
• Page title
• Page description
• Page content
• Social Media
• Sitemaps
Website security
In addition, since a safe and technically sound site is a proven way of gaining the confidence of potential customers for your company, your website should also be secure. Keep on the safe side to see if all the security aspects of our online checker reviews are met by your website.
Be secure
• Cookie protection
• SSL encryption
• Apache status
• Server version visibility
Website speed

Slow loading times for your website can be a hindrance to your business as it can deter potential customers from buying through your website or prevent readers from accessing articles and data. The checker offers details of the efficiency of your website and lists whether any action is required to enhance speeds.
Be fast
• CDN activation
• Size of your website
• GZ compression

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