User preferences and digital trends mean that design trends are constantly evolving.


Some patterns are rapidly becoming obsolete, while others are only going to change as time goes on. Digital agencies need to keep a watchful eye on design trends that are gaining traction (and website owners in general).


What trends in web design would take the web by storm this year? Our experts in OM soft solution send us their top trends in 2021 to look out for.



1.Dark mode


Dark mode, already a major trend in 2021, is expected to become even more popular next year too. Here are some of the main reasons why designers love dark fashion:

  • It’s super-modern looking. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Apple are only a few major brands that provide their sites with alternative themes.
  • It highlights other design features and helps them to pop up.
  • Reduces eye pressure under conditions of low light. Think about how many of us at night browse through our phones when we’re supposed to be asleep.
  • It can even save battery power on the unit!

Most platforms give users the option to choose when to turn to dark mode. Apple users can also schedule times to automatically switch their computer to Dark Mode.


2.Collage & Mixing Mediums

Collage & Mixing Mediums

Collage was one of the biggest trends to take over this year’s graphic design and social media environment, and in the world of web design it’s quickly catching on. Due to visual artists and social media influencers, the mixed media trend came back to the spotlight, and was also embraced by several brands and web designers.


3.Organic Design

Organic DesignOrganic design, one of 2021’s main design trends, is all about using nature and the world around us as inspiration. Although often seen in product design, interior design and graphic design, this trend in the field of web design is now also beginning to gain traction.

As seen on these websites from Ora Floral Agency, A Better Source, and Melbourne’s Abbotsford Convent, the Organic Design trend is affected by an increased emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism, featuring soft, earthy colours, natural forms and raw organic textures.


4.Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design is the future of web design and in 2021 it will dominate the trends of web design. Simply put, a design that integrates very few components to create an imaginative and innovative design. The obvious emphasis is to simplify the content and graphics, so more is less.

Minimalism does not necessarily imply minimalist design, but it also facilitates the elimination from the design of unnecessary elements.


How to Minimalist Design:

  1. Based on that, determine what you want to convey to customers, restrict your resources and concentrate on consistent design.
  2. List all the essential elements on your website, but ensure that unnecessary elements are omitted.
  3. Limit the number of fonts and colours, then merge all of the elements.

5.Oversized Elements and Bold Typography 

There is a recent phenomenon of putting bold typography on the website and oversized lettering. Oversized Elements will attract the attention of the consumer quickly and engage them. The bold and big characters will more efficiently represent your brand message than smaller characters.

“The first impression is the last impression” as we say, so the first impression of your website should be intuitive, engaging and appealing. A video or picture may also be used as a backdrop and overlaid with broad typography. The text, however, should be short and crisp, so that bold and large characters can easily blend into the design of the website.


6.Negative/ White Space 

NegativeWhite Space

The blank spaces on the website between the elements are called negative or white space. A contrast is provided by the white space and gives perfect balance. White space does not mean that white should be the colour of the blank space. You can select any light colour that corresponds with your main theme.

White space allows the user to concentrate on the website’s key content and offers a tidy and clean appearance. The fundamental aspect of minimalist design is to use white space on the website effectively. The website is given a clean, uncluttered and balanced look by Whitespace.

7.Animations and Dynamic Graphics

Web designers now prefer animations, diagrams, and interactive graphics over images, so the website can be slowed down by film. For your website, you can create custom animations or motion graphics.

The correct use of diagrams will make your brand stand out from its rivals. As you know, visual content such as animations, GIFs and motion graphics can be consumed easily by users.


Web design simplicity means that all unnecessary features, clean layout, two- or three-color schemes, negative space and uncluttered elements are eliminated. Simplicity is the latest web design style.

In three ways, simplicity will influence your design.

  1. It improves the overall layout and design by making everything clean and tidy. This enables users to search and navigate through the website quickly.
  2. Easy templates load more quickly; this can also boost customer loyalty and increase search engine rankings on your website.
  3. Designing, handling and editing basic templates is easier.


9. Interface to Voice


The voice user interface allows the user to use voice commands to communicate with the website, which would benefit people with physical disabilities with this technology. This is a very recent trend, but we’re sure voice interfaces will be on every business website in a couple of years.




Video has been one of the top components of marketing. In 2021 and beyond, an organisation would not be able to disregard the value of videos for brand building. 73 percent of video content has a positive impact on users, according to a survey by Facebook. Therefore, when designing a web design interface, a designer must take note that it focuses more on the quality of the video rather than other formats of content.




It is important to incorporate the aforementioned web design trends from 2021 into effect. Apart from them, there will be many other patterns that will remain forever. Yesterday, these web design trends were important and will be valued by emerging new trends, such as:

  • It ought to be SEO friendly,
  • The synchronisation to the social media site should be
  • Gifs, diagrams & animation should be compliant with this.
  • The website must be loaded immediately.
  • It should be simple to track design,
  • It is important to integrate bright colours and gradients.



While trends and technology are evolving rapidly, so are the preferences and demands of the consumer. Even, preferably stuffing it all on a single plate is not a good practise. Therefore, accept design trends that allow you to fulfil the current requirements of the customer.

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