Web Design Trends in 2019

Web Design Trends in 2019

Find out what the upcoming web design trends will be in 2019.
A website that looks current and modern today could look outdated and cheap in just a few months’ time.
That’s why realizing the difference between a trend in the market and a passing fad is so important when designing your website,2019 will be all about delivering on user experience: web design trends will prioritize speed and mobile design, eye-catching, immersive video backgrounds, and more.
How much time do you think that you get to make a good impact with a potential customer? If you’re
discussing interacting with them online, you have less than 3 seconds.
Humans seem to be flighty and excited. If the internet is really an unfamiliar fringe movement that notices human nature, their unfamiliar studies would show that we don’t like to be kept waiting around. As you can see, a beautiful site is a stunning site, but if the design is so data-heavy that it requires too long to download, you could be losing plenty of income due to no one sticking around to even look at your site. Even worse, with the Search engines Speed Update that went into effect in July 2018, Google has begun showing priority for rankings for sites that load quicker than others, and it’s likely that other search engines are quick to follow.

What all of this means is that as websites need to download faster, so does web design need to focus on speed during the design and style process. Web designers can’t basically rely on the developer to turn their work into something that will both look good and rank well — speed needs to be a design parameter.

Mobile First
Speed isn’t just the only leader that Search engines have been using to measure websites by. In 2015, mobile searches overtook desktop queries overall, making mobile search the highest look for form worldwide. In compliance with this, Google has changed which sites they index first — they now focus on mobile sites over websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

With mobile sites taking concern away from desktop sites, it’s no wonder that mobile first design has become a trend. Mobile first web design is about changing the way that websites are designed essentially. The conventional used to be that a site would only be designed for a desktop or laptop computer and a mobile-friendly or mobile reactive design might be included as well. Mobile first design does just the opposite: it begins with designing the site for the mobile user first before creating a version that will also work for a desktop user.

Again, this force in the direction of mobile first design isn’t just based on ranking factors or SEO. The graphic result is something that will initial and foremost enhance the user’s encounter with the website on the device that they will most likely be looking from. This design trend is meeting the demand that mobile users are demanding and will likely be the trend for a long time to appear.
Single Page Design
Speed and minimalism are the styles that come up again and again when talking about web design in 2019, which is a major reason why single page design, also known as pageless design, has also converted out to be a 2019 web design trend. Single page design is a very illustrative title — it refers to websites that have only one web page on the other hand of multiple service pages or blog content all neatly organized under a siloed structure. As was discussed in the speed and flat design and style, uncluttered, clean, simple websites are being favored by search engines as they can quickly and easily be downloadable on mobile devices. Pageless
the design achieves that by getting less of almost everything that can slow a website lower. The HTML,CSS, Javascript, and images aren’t bogging the site down with data to be downloadable, making it a much better experience for the user and granting priority in the search engines.

This comfort is doubly great for single page websites as they look great on every browsing system and automatically fall into being a mobile-first-style site. Being so easy means that it’s more easily handled, too. Updates to the site are often easily accomplished since there are so few things to change or update, which means it’s easier for your business to stay current with your website. While single page design likely won’t take over the future of web design, it will definitely continue to leave its mark through 2019.

Video Backgrounds
In spite of the minimal, quick-loading, flat design trends, video backgrounds are still incredibly popular as a trend going into 2019. You might think with speed being such a huge part this year that videos would bog down a site too much, but, remarkably, video background scenes have been shown to improve conversion rates.
Videos are basically more highly effective than text or images ever will be. You’ll likely have seen this trend show up on social media systems like Facebook over a previous couple of years. Video posts are prioritized over other types of posts. They even made it simpler to watch videos by auto-playing on quiet while you search through your feed.

When a customer lands on your website and a video plays in the background, they’re likely to keep around to watch it because videos are attention-getting. The more that a user remains on your website, the more likely they are to convert. This, in turn, increases your time on website metric, and the greater your regular time on site is, the much better your SEO is.
A delicate but noticeable 2019 trend in web design is micro-animations. Micro-animations are a highly effective way to provide a user-friendly and satisfying experience to your user as they browse your website. This is achieved through small animations that help the user understand the site and validate them when they mouse over or click on an element, such as modifying the color of a button when the cursor goes over it, or a menu growing when they click on the hamburger. Most users encounter these micro-animations all the time on both desktop computer and mobile surfing around platforms. It’s so persistent in browsing now that it’s more surprising to not experience them.
These animated graphics help the user know that they’re executing the right activities as they progress through your site. Did you press the submit button on the form? It modified color when you clicked it. How do you rapidly refresh the page? Swiping down creates a pulling motion to let you know you activated the refresh action properly. It might seem too simple or foolish to think that a micro-animation can “reward” a user for simply clicking submit on a type, but believe of that tiresome Captcha that so many forms use. If you’re lucky, all you have to do is click the checkbox, but if you have to go via the process of choosing pictures or typing out a
number and letter string series, there’s nothing more fulfilling than viewing the circle swirl into a analyze mark. As 2019 methods, micro-animations are right here to stay in the web design industry.

Chatbots/Machine Learning
Over the previous several years, linking and communicating with bots has to turn out to be more and more normal. Bots, or chatbots, are becoming progressively common on websites and micro-interactions across digital media. It’s likely that you talked with one the last time you called your mobile service provider. Chatbots and machine studying will continue to enhance user interactions with websites, particularly as autoresponder performance inherent in most chatbots can seamlessly interact with users for you and provide excellent customer service upfront. This begins your connection with potential clients on the perfect foot while simultaneously gathering info for your sales team before they begin actually communicating with the prospect.

In 2019, this technological innovation will proceed to be mastered and incorporated into company websites. Soon, web marketing communications will become seamless. Imagine a website that already knows exactly what your customer is looking for by simply examining their past interactions with your company. Customer service via the web is becoming quicker and more efficient every day thanks to these new technologies. Don’t neglect them in your web design.
Web Design 2019 — Interesting Minimalism or Attention-Grabbing Visuals?
On one side are the tempting visual delights of damaged grid layouts and video backgrounds. On the other side are the wonderful but practical tenets of flat design and individual page layouts. As styles change, so does the market. Staying atop those developments will help you keep your website refreshing, stunning, and generating conversions.

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