Importance of page load time in 2018

Page load time

In the earlier ages, people used to travel through bullock carts or bicycles but then someone invented motor vehicles. What was the need of it?
Because everyone wants to reach their destination as soon as possible.
In this age when everyone is running with the shortage of time, How can your slow loading page please your clients? Yes, you are guessing it right. This is definitely going to destruct your online reputation

Switching of Website

Suppose you are running an e-commerce website and your product image or page is so heavy that it takes ages to load. Then it is obvious that your clients will move from your website to another because of bad online experience. Switching of the website because of its load time is common nowadays.

Online researchers have recently shared that if you earn $50,000 per day from your e-commerce site then because of your slow loading website you might lose $1 million per year. Are you ok with it? That is why it is necessary to get your website designed by a professional.

Page load time is based on

Well, the main factors on which page load time is based on are:

Network & Server Time

It is basically based on the speed of internet connection and how smoothly all the images, clips or page loads.


How compatible your content is with various browsers. Your website should be designed such a way that it should render all the pages easily. Hence, Set good user experience.

Importance of Page load time

Page load time is one of the most important algorithms used by various search engines to rank your website. It is one of the most important aspects of SEO. And I think you know the importance of SEO for a website very well?
Working on your page load time will not only help you to improve your client experience but will also help to decrease the bounce time.
So at the, it will work as garnishing for your dish. What are you waiting for? Start working on your page load time from today only.

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