All About Google Workspace Mail Suspended!!

Google is a company that loves to experiment. Experiments are an important part of any organization that is learning how to succeed. The Google workspace is a prime example of such an experiment by Google. It’s not at all like the Gmail you know and use every day. This article explains why Google Workspace Mail is Suspended. Understanding the reasons behind such suspensions is crucial, especially for businesses heavily reliant on this communication tool. Keep reading…

What is Workspace Mail?

The Workspace Mail is a business-oriented email service by Google. You can use it if you are a G Suite (Google for Work) user. Also, it is an alternative to Gmail for those who want some advanced email features such as custom domain, better branding, and more. As you can see, workspaces have the “Mail” at the end of the name. That’s because they are fundamentally different from Google Apps (the consumer version of G Suite). They are a lot more like Microsoft Office 365. The main difference is that Google has better integration with Chromebooks and Android devices.

Why is Google Workspace Mail suspended?

If you are an active Gmail user and have been using Workplace Mail, you may have received an email notification from Google saying they have “suspended” Workplace Mail. And if you are wondering why that is, you’re not alone. The root cause of suspending the Workplace Mail service is under maintenance. As soon as the service is back, the users can again switch over to it. But if you are still wondering what this all is about and what’s happening, here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the problem with Workspace Mail?

The problem with Workspace Mail is that it was not designed as a full-featured email service. It was designed as a tool for promoting G Suite. So, it lacked a lot of features that an end-user expects from a fully functional email client. The lack of features in Workspace Mail was affecting its adoption rate and the popularity of G Suite.
Google decided to kill Workspace Mail and migrate all the active users to regular Gmail. Although the service is down, for now, it will be back soon with all the features of Gmail.

Is Google killing Workspace Mail?

As we have discussed above, Google is not killing Workspace Mail. Instead, it is fixing the problem with it and bringing it to the level of Gmail. Regular Gmail has been the leading email service for a long time now. This is mainly because it has all the necessary features that an end user wants. It is equipped with an AI that can warn you about any suspicious activity. It also has a ‘snooze’ feature that allows you to postpone emails.

Is there any solution to fix the problem of Workspace mail?

As we have said, the service is under maintenance. So, the problem that you are facing is not permanent. You will be able to use Workspace Mail as soon as Google brings it back online. In the meantime, you can switch to Gmail until Workspace Mail comes back online. You can do this by logging into your account and navigating to “Other services.” There, you will find the option to use your account with Gmail. Alternatively, you can log into Google as any other user (without touching your main account) and use the Gmail service. Then, you can switch back to your account. This is an easy way of logging into Gmail without affecting your main account.


The Google Workspace Mail has been one of the biggest experiments by Google to date. It was launched in 2015 to promote G Suite and give it an edge against other email services. But due to a lack of features and a full-featured email service, it was failing to meet its objective. Google, therefore, has decided to kill Workspace Mail and bring it to the level of Gmail. This is a risky strategy. It might stop G Suite from gaining traction and losing ground to other email services.For Google Workspace Mail Solution Contact us: 9015023796 Visit us: Email:,
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